I'm Melissa McElrath. I am a wife, a mom, and a photographer.  I sell an amazing line of makeup and skin care and am slightly obsessed with all things Disney & Mickey Mouse.

If you were standing here, I would proceed to give you a big hug; however, we are meeting via Internet this time, so we will just pretend this welcome is a warm hug and I hope you feel at home. My wonderful husband Clint and I have been married five years and he is a teacher and the head basketball coach at the high school we both graduated from.  I work from home with my little sidekick, Jade. Pajamas & princess dresses dictate my days and any time I get the opportunity to wander by a Chick-Fil-A around lunch, I take it!

Moment by moment I am trying to keep my toddler alive, editing photos, selling makeup, and leading my team of over 400 women. When I am relaxing or setting aside family time, it is always to the most magical place on the planet – Disney World. Our addiction started on Clint and I’s honeymoon, going from a one-time trip to an annual tradition. Next thing we knew, we were taking multiple trips a year and are now Disney Vacation Club owners. If you love being a mom, love makeup, and love Disney – then you are in the perfect place. Thanks for stopping by my little corner; let's get to know each other.


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